how love,KP started

Meet krystelle


Hi everyone!  Thank you so much for your visit and taking the time to get to know the brand.


I always had a love for crafting and creating little unique gifts for friends and family.  It was definitely a good avenue to cope and release any stresses from being an IT Project Manager.

When my daughter was born, I needed an avenue to connect with moms. 

Let's face it, like many, I was lost.

I didn't know  how to interact with other moms, questioning my every move when I ventured off into the outside world and for the most part, I felt really alone.  Fast forward 15 months later, I still found myself in the same boat when my second child was born.

I thought enough is enough.  I needed to channel something positive and perhaps, if I told my story, then it would help others know that they are not alone.

Et voila!  I started Love, KP inspired by my beautiful family of KPs.  It is a brand that is made with love from my family to yours, all the feel good feelings when you are down and most importantly, to be that avenue where people can express their positivity, love and strength through my creations.

We operate in our cute little home 20 minutes north of Port Perry, Ontario.  All our products are sourced locally or by companies with an ethical background towards the environment and work forces.

Love, KP